We the People of Los Angeles and The 43rd District have seen the homeless crisis coming for years. The destitute. The Mentally Ill. The Disabled. The Vets. The Drug and Alcohol Dependent. All those in need… Are our elected officials out of touch? Do they not care? Or are they just too blind to see? Politicians sat and watched as the homeless numbers grew… Until now, an election year.

We need a candidate with a true moral compass to fix this city. No more big corporations exploiting our people, no more landlords raising rents drastically to destroy communities, no more drug addicts with no rehabilitation, no more homeless people stuck in the cycle of poverty, no more career politicians failing to act. Let’s take back California for all Californians.

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Robert J. Sexton - For California State Assembly

Robert J. Sexton for California State Assembly - 43rd District.
Robert J. Sexton for California State Assembly - 43rd District.
Laura Friedman's Assembly Bill 1401 is a terrible idea. Her and the media are pushing for Developers to not have to provide for parking in their new structures.

Proponents are saying:

“Reducing off-street parking... will improve cities, protect the environment, and promote social justice.” - Donald Shoup

Social justice?

"This critical reform legislation will lower housing costs and stop the subsidies for automobile storage that undermine our economic, quality-of-life and environmental goals." - Ethan Elkind

Quality of life? Parking spaces?

"Parking ... is hostile to good environmental policy.” – Richard Green

Hostile to good environmental policy?

“Car violence is the leading cause of death for children,” said Leonora Camner, Executive Director, Abundant Housing LA.


“This bill will finally get rid of arbitrary local parking mandates that generate climate and air pollution, make our cities more vulnerable to heat waves, and more expensive to live in,” said Nick Josefowitz, Chief of Policy, San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR).

"(Parking spaces) are known to increase traffic, air pollution, and carbon emissions by creating an incentive for more driving... we prioritize people and their ability to live with dignity in Cali" - Darrell Steinberg, Mayor of Sacramento.


Waiting for, "We're doing it for the children," though “Car violence is the leading cause of death for children,” is pretty close...

More to come on this. It took me over 9 months to get permit parking in my neighborhood in the 43rd District.

There are three new developments going up now without any parking. My neighbor did the math, trying to verify at the moment, 78 new cars will be looking for spaces on my street.

Assuming the backers of this bill don't have to deal with lack of parking in their neighborhoods, and I'm sure, except for publicity photos, don't take public transportation.

Would love to know how much Developer's contributions are behind this media/Political blitz.

Thoughts? Post below.

Robert J. Sexton
Robert J. Sexton for California State Assembly - 43rd District.
Robert J. Sexton for California State Assembly - 43rd District.
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