We the People of Los Angeles and The 43rd District have seen the homeless crisis coming for years. The destitute. The Mentally Ill. The Disabled. The Vets. The Drug and Alcohol Dependent. All those in need… Are our elected officials out of touch? Do they not care? Or are they just too blind to see? Politicians sat and watched as the homeless numbers grew… Until now, an election year.

We need a candidate with a true moral compass to fix this city. No more big corporations exploiting our people, no more landlords raising rents drastically to destroy communities, no more drug addicts with no rehabilitation, no more homeless people stuck in the cycle of poverty, no more career politicians failing to act. Let’s take back California for all Californians.

When you vote for me, you’ll be voting for
Common Sense.
Quality of Life.
Peace of Mind.
Pride in Self and Community…
I’m Robert J. Sexton, and I have a 2020Vision for the state of California..
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The lesser of two evils is still evil.
Register and Vote Independent!

Robert J. Sexton - For California State Assembly