Robert J. Sexton - For California State Assembly
Robert J. Sexton for Assembly

As you can see, I’m not just another pretty face. I’m Robert J. Sexton and I’m going to win the California State Assembly for The Mighty 43rd District!
Check out my Wiki and “Why I’m Running,” page for all the info you would like to know. 
See you on election day.
Cheers! RJS

Alex Gruenenfelder – Political Strategist

                    Alex Gruenenfelder is a proud L.A. native, who has been involved in activism in the city for years. After he graduated from Larchmont Charter high school, he was awarded a scholarship to study at UC San Diego. Alex was the media strategist for Kim Gruenenfelder’s progressive congressional campaign in the 28th District, and worked previously as a social media manager for Robert Sexton. Alex co-founded the sexual violence survivors’ organization Survivor’s Power, and led its 2018 national walkout Oct 12.

Ken Hodges – Political Advisor

My name is Ken Hodges.  I was born and raised in San Diego.  I received my B.A. in Political Science from San Diego State University in 2010.  I had my own youthful political dreams but  while in college I met the woman that would be my wife and followed her up to Los Angeles, I never looked back.  I cultivated my love of acting into a second passion.  Because of that passion you might occasionally catch me on T.V. 
Love led me to L.A. but I still have a thirst for politics and deep feelings for this place I call home now.  My observations while living here, have forced me to find a way to change my home town for the better.  I think I found a way to bring about that change through Robert and his vision for California.  



The lesser of two evils is still evil.
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