Originally published: 07/31/19.
Updated: 01/31/20.                                                        


Career Politicians tell untruths every day. They lie by omission and govern, not by what the people want or need, but by what they believe the public wants to hear.  Misdirection is the way they do business, in order to avoid revealing their true policies and ideals. It’s how they keep their jobs.

That’s why my official platform is public, with my views and policies on the important issues there for all to see. I’m not a career politician: That’s a good thing. I’m a problem solver who gets things done. I’m a producer by choice, political animal by necessity.

My campaign is first and foremost about housing, homelessness, and vulnerable populations: the very same topics my opponent will not address. My platform lays out my policies and plans in detail. 

I’m going to tell it like it is; sometimes, it won’t necessarily be what you want to hear. Definitely not what our elected officials want to hear…. But honest conflict is better than dishonest harmony.  

Peace of Mind. Quality of Life. Common Sense. Pride in Self and Community…

The SEXTON2020VISION campaign is all about truth, justice and your well being…      

My policies reflect that.


The Homeless Crisis and Criminal Justice:

The homeless crisis is an epidemic caused by economic hardships, mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse, and crime. I am deeply sympathetic to those trapped in the cycle of poverty, the working poor who have to sleep in their cars and on the streets. It’s one of the worst problems facing our nation, our state and our city today.

This is not exclusively an “Inner City” issue. This is a quality-of-life issue for everyone in our community, unhoused and housed alike. I have a fully inclusive set of policies to help those struggling with mental health issues, mothers and children, veterans, addicts and all those trapped on the streets, and to root out crime.

After speaking off the record with numerous Los Angeles Police Officers, there is one conclusion that immediately comes to light: our homelessness crisis truly spiraled out of control with the implementation of Propositions 47 and 57, passed in 2014 and 2016 respectively… 

Time for Math.

At least six years for these complacent politicians to let the problem escalate to 60,000 people experiencing homelessness in the county, according to the L.A. Housing Authority (LAHA) in 2019. (And even that shockingly high number has been disputed as being too low by the Los Angeles Times.) Let’s wait for the new numbers to come in… Not optimistic from what I’m seeing everywhere I go and everyone that I’m speaking with. 

Time for Truth.

Proposition 47, with the Orwell inspired title, “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act.” and Prop 57, “Parole for Non-Violent Criminals and Juvenile Court Trial Requirements Initiative,” the first one keeps people out of jail but the second cleared our prisons of “nonviolent offenders,” such as those incarcerated for cannabis offenses. That’s what #WeThePeople wanted. Sadly, it did far more than that.

Sex offenders, the masterminds of shoplifting rings, and pimps convicted of trafficking children were let back onto our streets again and their crimes reclassified as misdemeanors.*

* Proposition 57 deemed the following crimes as “non-violent” and made the perpetrators eligible for EARLY PAROLE and RELEASE into local communities:

  • Rape by intoxication
  • Rape of an unconscious person
  • Human Trafficking involving sex act with minors
  • Drive-by shooting
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Hostage taking
  • Attempting to explode a bomb at a hospital or school
  • Domestic violence involving trauma
  • Supplying a firearm to a gang member
  • Hate crime causing physical injury
  • Failing to register as a sex offender
  • Arson
  • Discharging a firearm on school grounds
  • Lewd acts against a child 14 or 15
  • False imprisonment of an elder through violence
  • The proposition allows career criminals to be treated as first time offenders when appearing before a judge.

Source: BallotPedia

Let that sink in before we continue…


64.5% of voters, those who voted yes (including me!), were told again and again that Prop 57 was only about letting out pot smokers and harmless offenders who somehow, by some injustice, landed in jail… but this was not the case. 

We are reaching critical mass, and the politicians are failing us. Either they don’t see the problem, or they’re intentionally turning a blind eye to it. Either way, this crisis must end. It’s dangerous for locals and more than an embarrassment when tourists from around the world visit the City of Angels. #VoteCommonSense

Props 47 and 57 are not the only factors in the crisis facing us today, but it was essential that we addressed them before continuing.

Time for action.

When we released our official platform at the end of July, we were proposing major strides to fix this shamefully ignored humanitarian crisis — much needed solutions that do-nothing (you know, except collect their paychecks) politicians wouldn’t put forward. We are proud to say that in October of 2019, attorney and former assemblyman (in this very district!) Mike Gatto echoed our sentiments in his ballot measure proposal for 2020. 

It’s got our great ideas, mixed with his intellectual language and detailed legalese, and it’s the kind of bill that we can finally throw our support behind. We are hoping that his bill, the California Compassionate Intervention Act, makes it onto the ballot so that we can begin these essential reforms.

Step One:
Mental health rehabilitation programs need to be created in order to help address particular needs. Alongside these programs, the government must provide services to help people with mental illnesses get back on their feet, stay healthy and stay off the streets. 

It is incredibly difficult for even those aware of their mental health concerns to get help: imagine how impossible it is for those who are suffering in their own warped realities, while they just need something to free them from their malady… and from the sidewalk.

The non-profit Project 180 LA is doing some good things. That said… the V.A. and Department of Corrections should have such programs. 

The Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Hollywood is also doing some noteworthy work, using a pilot program called Urban Sanctuary, to help the homeless. The state of California should be following the example of organizations like this.

We are talking about quality of life here, and we can’t just put that in the hands of a private organization: no matter how amazing their work is. This is a civil responsibility.

We need to start looking as well to what other countries are doing correctly. Check out the “Trieste Model” of treating those in need, the kind being used at The Center in Hollywood. Ambitious? Yes. Humane? Yes. Realistic for Los Angeles? That’s for #WeThePeople to decide.

The NoHo Home Alliance is a non-profit helping communities find solutions to significant social issues in our neighborhoods. http://nohohome.org/. This organization found homes for 40 homeless individuals last year! 

Part of my homelessness policy is to provide frequent mental health check-ins for those with mental health problems committing misdemeanors. These crimes act as cries for help, and this is the perfect time to check in with these individuals.

Nobody is going to jail for their struggles when I am elected. Criminalization of the mentally ill is evil and ineffective. It’s time we start taking the tax dollars we have collected and start putting them to proper use, funding necessary services for those in need.  


Step Two:
Mothers, children, Veterans and people with disabilities will get the help they need in the fight against homelessness. Taxes have been collected for years now to help solve this crisis, the money needs to be spent. And spent wisely. No more waiting. No more BS.

Step Three: Do something that should’ve been done years ago: classifying that list of horrible crimes as violent. Most voters assume that these were classified as such, but the politicians failed us and didn’t follow through with their proper classification.

Governor Brown lied to the people of California when he said no sex offender or violent criminal would receive early parole. When I am elected, I will take swift action to make sure these violent crimes are justly classified as that: violent. This does not require a dismantling of the good parts of Propositions 47 and 57; rather, it requires upholding the will of the people of California. (Upholding the will of the people is sometimes hard for self serving Career Politicians.)

Also part of my policy is to support SB 710: The Criminal Sentencing, Parole, and DNA Collection Initiative — a 2020 voter initiative approved to be on the ballot. It would reclassify crimes like pimping a child as felonies rather than misdemeanors, and reclassify crimes like shoplifting as wobblies (sometimes felonies, sometimes misdemeanors) – so the local kid stealing candy doesn’t serve hard time, but pimps and panderers are justly and swiftly punished.

It would also allow the government to collect more information on criminals like sex offenders. This is what criminologists have wanted for many years to help solve crimes and to clear out the backlog of cold cases — unsolved rapes, murders, and other heinous crimes — that plagues our city.

Step Four: Also discussed in our Criminal Justice section, is to provide rehabilitation for a period of thirty to ninety days for those repeat offenders possessing or publicly using hard drugs. Under the current system, nothing can be done about chronic drug addicts on the street, but criminalization is not the answer either. Rehabilitation and “Intervention Predicates” are important parts of  the plan that I propose, one that makes sense and makes everyone safer.


Criminal Justice:
The War on Drugs has been a complete and total failure. Upon entering office, I will work to uphold the will of the Californian people in keeping marijuana safe and legal for medicinal and recreational use. 

With this, I support the California Marijuana Legal Regulations Initiative being on the ballot next year, in order to go through the final steps of prohibiting civil and criminal penalties for marijuana; the ballot measure would also de-schedule medical marijuana on the state level, which is a long time coming.

I strongly endorsed, and continue to support, SB 51: the state bill that helped create private, limited Charter Banks and Credit Unions that support the local cannabis industry.

Science is also beginning to show us the immense potential benefits of psychedelics in treating PTSD and other conditions, and my office is very open to exploring their decriminalization and/or legalization.

Ryan Munevar, a longtime cannabis legalization activist, is circulating petitions to get the Psilocybin Mushroom Decriminalization Initiative on the ballot. If this is what the voters want, politicians and drug companies should not stand in the way.

However, we should not forget how dangerous drug abuse is. There is a medical emergency on our streets. Homeless addicts are using/abusing these substances, endangering themselves and the community. In the past, we simply sent addicts to prison and failed them and society, but now local government and the police, partially because of Propositions 47 and 57,  are impotent and can do absolutely nothing to help those with addictions and to deal with those cases in which housing is not the individual’s priority.

Therefore, I propose that repeat offenders of hard drug possession and public use will be “sentenced to” thirty to ninety days of rehab. This will make the entire community safer, while not furthering the harmful drug criminalization of the past.

Those serving hard time for nonviolent drug crimes should be released from prison, as this system fails continually. Rehabilitation, not criminalization, is the answer.



My thoughts on Private Prisons, you ask? There is something exceptionally alarming about corporations that run “Prisons for Profit.” The idea of a business, with shareholders, working to put more people in prison and keep them there, for the express purpose of profiting off them, should be a crime.

Google, “2009 “Kids for Cash” Scandal”, where two judges in Pennsylvania had been paid cash from the owner of two private juvenile detention centers in return for sentencing juvenile offenders. Those two judges are in jail. Good.

Body-Cams on police? Yes. Our Politicians should also have to wear them when meeting with lobbyists and developers.


Community Revitalization:

Our community desperately needs help, and I am here to provide it. I support allowing sustainable development in the city of Los Angeles, the kind that drives down crime, drives up education rates and generally makes life better. This will make our city safer, our children healthier and our people happier.

Unlike many career politicians, I will make sure this development works for all of us, for both people and local businesses. Rent stabilization is an important aspect of my platform. I’m trying to make sure that people who have lived in their homes for decades may stay. Rent stabilization will also help preserve small businesses that have paid their dues and contributed to the community, thereby spurring more local industrial growth.

10/10/19 – WE THE PEOPLE have been heard. Rent stabilization. 

Affordable housing should be supported strongly by Los Angeles, and it’s my priority that homes are occupied. It is a disgrace that L.A. residents pay 46.90% of their income for rent and that thousands are out on the street while penthouses owned by foreign investment companies sit empty. #PanamaPapers

This is happening across America. L.A. is but a microcosm of Developer/Politician mentality. We’ve been told by our elected officials that the overdevelopment of Los Angeles would not happen. That they would not take developers’ money. That they would solve the homelessness crisis. Yet look at what the politicians are feeding us.

Rental companies and unscrupulous landlords have exploited loopholes in rent control laws to evict tenants. Rents are rising, forcing out people in nominal economic situations. There is nothing wrong with capitalism, but something needs to be done to help those caught in this downward urban spiral that leads to living in one’s car or trying to survive on the street.

Major corporations have abused our environment and our people for too long, making us sick and unhealthy. After all, people’s health is a small price to pay for profit, no? 

Monetary fines mean nothing to billionaire sociopaths. Let’s get Old Testament on these individuals. They need to be fined, bonuses rescinded, jail time.

Corporations should only be recognized as people when Texas is able to execute them for any heinous crimes that they commit. (Joke)

Business will prosper, and development will enrich all of our lives. However, my platform guarantees this happens only for companies and politicians that play by the rules, and that the priority is always on the people themselves. We must take California back for all Californians.


The California High Speed Rail:

Despite being arguably the greatest country in the world, the United States lacks many great advancements that other first world countries have. One of these is high speed rail. It is insanity that the richest nation on the planet Earth, the one that puts forth so much of the world’s innovations and writes so many of its patents, does not have this efficient and effective transportation system. High speed rail is a great idea: an idea that benefits us all.

The voters recognized this fact when we approved Proposition 1A to fund the project. Since then, costs have continued to skyrocket. Voters were given the already high cost of $40 Billion back in 2008 for the project, told that in 2028 the rail would open and that for just $55 riders could go from Los Angeles to San Francisco. San Francisco to Los Angeles service has been pushed to an estimated 2033, and the total cost has skyrocketed to as high as $98.1 Billion. There is no telling how much higher these costs could go up, with us footing the bill.



We were tricked and manipulated, as the career politicians often do to us. Taxpayer funds have been squandered, and the public doesn’t even know where they have been spent. In State Assembly, I will call for an immediate audit of the California High-Speed Rail Authority, so that we can hold them accountable. And though high speed rail is a great idea, we have more pressing focuses in legislating right now: notably the homeless crisis, the mental illness epidemic, and community revitalization. I will prioritize the issues that matter most, and that includes supporting long term solutions by auditing the California High-Speed Rail Authority.


Immigration Policy:

We are a country of immigrants, and a state of immigrants. There are millions of illegal and undocumented immigrants in Southern California who pose no threat to society, and we don’t wish to endanger their livelihoods. However, border security should still be a priority, and I support making the U.S.-Mexico border with this state more secure.

Let’s face reality: Building walls leads to more tunnels. There is already a fence along parts of the southern border that has been used to help prevent drug and human trafficking for years. In my border security policy, I would support making a more technologically efficient barrier and expanding this barrier in order to stop international organized crime. There are many who have issues with the practices of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement these days, and it’s understandable. When I speak of security, however, it isn’t about kicking out hard-working immigrants: it’s about stopping the hard drugs and forced laborers brought across the border each and every day.

Immigrants make this country stronger. My policies are set forward to protect our communities, including law-abiding citizens and immigrants.


Reproductive Freedom and Women’s Health:

Roe v. Wade is the law of the land, and I will fight to keep it that way. The government should not get in the way of this difficult medical choice.

Women’s healthcare needs to be a priority, even for male candidates like myself. Birth control should be free and on demand for all who need and want it. I strongly support Planned Parenthood.

While on the subject of women’s rights and equality…
= Work = Pay.
No means no.
Men should take a backseat when making laws about women’s reproductive rights.


LGBTQ+ Issues:  

I am, and will always be, a strong supporter of marriage equality and the LGBTQ+ community. As State Assemblyman, I will fight for the issues that affect these diverse sexuality and gender communities. We are a country with millions of LGBTQ+ people, and it is important that their civil rights are protected. LGBTQ+ people have the same right to be as miserable as everybody else who is married. (I’m joking, of course.)

We must improve comprehensive bathroom policy in public spaces, including and with somewhat of an emphasis on schools. This means providing for restrooms and locker rooms for those who identify as male or female. In public restrooms generally, I also support having alternative options, which will accommodate the handicapped, breastfeeding, diaper changing, and the gender neutral. This needs to be more of a priority to make sure that all are included.


The Wrap Up:

When elected, I will immediately petition to declare a state of emergency concerning the homeless crisis, not unlike a FEMA/Red Cross operation. #Triage

Tents and other semi-permanent structures will satisfy the word of the law* by protecting the homeless from the elements with an, albeit temporary, roof over their heads.

*The Supreme Court ruled that, “A state may not criminalize conduct that is an unavoidable consequence of being homeless”

We will temporarily override business/housing regulations, thus giving local governments the power to put up semi-permanent, temporary, “Bridge” housing with on-site counseling assembled on federal, state, county and city land. NO privately owned property or private developers. NON-PROFITS ONLY. We need to stop building up this crisis, and start building hope. #HomelessIndustrialComplex

Each individual will be screened and evaluated, no judgement, by medical professionals and social workers to determine what type of help/service needs to be administered to help these people integrate back into society.

We move forward from there. Enough is enough.

Bottom line? People should not be sleeping, getting high, stealing and defecating on the streets.

Civil rights = Civil responsibilities.

Here’s to a new social contract:

  • Los Angeles must create sufficient housing paid for by tax dollars already collected.
  • Erect these buildings on Federal, State, County and City Owned Land.
  • Government- funded, non-profits only. NO private developers.
  • Case management, mental health treatment, and rehabilitation on site.
  • The homeless and those in need should inhabit these dwellings.

Over the past few years the homeless rate has increased, we see foreign developers building more and more million dollar condos that are built on earthquake faults, budget cuts on social issues, more taxes, more traffic, more crime, more nonsense… What, I ask you, do all of these things have in common? You know the answer.

“Peace of Mind. Quality of Life. Common Sense. Pride in self and community…                  

Let’s take California back for all Californians. I have a 2020 Vision for California”                                 
– Robert J. Sexton                                                                                                                          

Producer by choice, political animal by necessity.

March 3, Southern California voters will decide the future of Los Angeles and California. Are you registered? Are you aware of the new rules?

Please vote for me and help spread the word.



Questions? Contact, donate, volunteer:



  • Conservatorship: SB 1045


  • Expanding definition of “gravely disabled”: AB 1971
  • Involuntary commitment: AB 2156

The lesser of two evils is still evil.
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